Sunday, January 20, 2013

Things I don't Like

There are a few things I don't like but currently I hate when people ask me this two questions.

  1. When are you having another baby/child? Some people randomly say to me its about time to have another child. I don't think so! I am enjoying my child right now so why would I go and ruin it. Having a child is too much work. You have no clue how I managed this one. Only God has seen me through and I am still sane. To answer you question, I will be pregnant in six years.
  2.  When will you complete School? This is one question I get often especially from family members. I know you guys are concerned about me but please I am not in a rush to finish my course. I am enjoying school very much and don't feel like I need to join the real world soon. I wish I was done school too, but I am not so please lets stop calculating. :)


  1. People will always ask questions, you just have to pick the one to answer, I would just ignore them. People are silly sometimes.


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