Thursday, December 20, 2012

Poem for the Little one's lost in Newtown shooting

 Wrote a poem to honor all the victims of Newtown, CT |Tragedy.

Little Souls, angel wings, smiles no more.
Gone too soon, leaving grief for all.
Mommy loves you, daddy adores you.
Empty room, pink and blue bed sheets.
Purple your cherished color, your heart was the purest.

Your scream, your scream, our hearts ache.
Why now Christmas, why the painful present.
He gives and takes but Lord, take away Christmas.
Take it away now this evil, this moment we cannot endure.
Young souls lost in beautiful awful winter.

 Boys and girls full of innocence.
 We failed you deeply, the most precious of all.
 Forgive our hearts, we did not protect you.
 A flower for you, daisies and lilies.
 Gone too soon forever with us. 

By Dela (SweetMama)


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