Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy Womens Day

Women we are so vital to society. Whiles we are being acknowledged today, lets also celebrate ourselves. Self love is very important. For the first time this year, I have fully embraced myself as a woman. A woman full with love, beauty and abilities.
I am enjoying it, putting myself and the things that matter to me first. I am trying to avoid toxic environments, toxic things and toxic people.
Yesterday my daughter had PA day, meaning she had a day off from school. I however had classes to go to and a presentation to do. I was stuck with her. My arranged sitter had failed me and therefore I couldn't go to school. There were times when I had to take her to class with me. Sometimes I felt uncomfortable but that's what I needed to do.

My daughter is my hero, she sticks with me through anything. She is honest and tells me things like " mama I am tired, or I am freezing" when we have to walk a distance or take the bus. Thursdays are our most adventurous days together. I have to write a post about it.

Yesterday I took her out to the movies, we saw the movie Frozen, and then we had dinner. We both had so much fun. I loved the movie. The theme was about love - sisterly love. It was only love and self sacrifice that saved the day.
In the moment I was thinking about my daughter and felt that's how she makes me feel. That's how  much love she has brought to my life. For somebody who was an only child for my mother, I grew up very lonely. I even felt very lonely when I lost my mother because I thought I will never have a brother or sister in my life. I thought all hope was lost when I lost my grandmother. My grandmother raised me like one of her kids, people thought she was my mother. I called her mother just like her daughters.

My daughter has however replaced all the lost and loneliness I have experienced. She brings me so much joy, she is like the sister I never had.

There are a few events around here celebrating the day I would like to attend, but I don't have a reliable sitter. I am ok with that, things will turn around soon.

Happy Women's Day to all women out there. God loves you. Love yourself too.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Please Help Fund My Childrens Book on Indiegogo
 Mock Cover of Narkie Goes To Kindergarten

I miss my you all my readers. I have some good news.
1. I finish my degree in less than two months. woop woop!!
My graduation is in June and you are all invited. I mean all of you, if I take take a whole parade to my grad I would. I think I would settle for drumming and dancing African style. It will be a celebration of not giving up and keeping faith.

Let me know get over myself, I still do have essays to write and exams to take. I have to stay focused, one little mistake and I won't make it for June graduation. But The devil is a liar.. lol

Character sketch for Narkie by Citizins
The second good news is that my daughter and I are working on a childrens book. The idea is to make her a character in "The Adventures of Narkie".
The first book "Narkie Goes To Kindergarten" she helped me write by telling of her first day adventure at school. I need help to hire an illustrator and get the book published.

Any amount will be appreciated. You would make my dreams come true!! Click the link to donate on indiegogo. Please and Thank you!

My daughter and I are both excited about the future.